The story of our cluster:
2011. Established by 16 SMEs and one IT College. Main strategy: Chinese market recognition for exporting goods and services.
2012. Launching Eu-Xperience project /professional training service/ for China, 10 universities joined to the cluster.
2013-2015. Technology transfer cooperation in the fields of IT, solar energy, sewage water treatment, bio gas plant. Members are from these sectors. Launching smart wine project with participation of wineries. Eu-Xperience project stopped.
2015-2017. Exhibiting at China Hi-Tech Fair, networking for the cluster members, cooperation with Bay Zoltan Institute for research and development.
2018. Successful application for a fund, to support our members in markets out of Europe.
2018-2020. Targeted three relations - Kazakhstan, Mongolia, West-China - in two projects: Eu-Xperience project is for Hungarian Universities, to attract and increase self-paid students on English taught courses. Smart Wine project is for Hungarian Wineries, to support them on the long distance markets.
2020. We expanded the relations for our projects with Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Turkey, Uzbekistan.
2021-2024. Young Entrepreneur Program; Silk Road Cooperation; Eu-Xperience; Smart Wine.

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