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About new membership application or other information you may contact directly the cluster management:

Mrs. Márta Sárkány
- cluster secretary general - email

Almagyar Cardinal Winery Ltd . - Private owned winery. They have been luring the true flavours of Eger into the bottle for 80 years to produce authentic, naturally processed quality wines. Active participants of the cluster Smart Wine project.
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Art-of-Lean Solutions Kft.
The Art-of-Lean Solutions Ltd. is an independent management consultancy specializing in all aspects of commercial Supply Chain and Logistics.

Arundo Cellulóz Farming Kft
Arundo Cellulóz Farming Ltd. - In Hungary our offer is primarily aimed at municipalities to help them find a complex solution to shifting away from gas heating to a renewable source of energy by relying on Arundo energy cane plantations.

BÁL-NA Produkció Kft.
Bál-Na Produkció Ltd. - Environment protection, Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy - the company active participant in organizing PR events at these 3 areas.

Birgewine Bt.
Birgewine Ltd. - Family owned winery, Chinese, Polish market experience. Traditional, hand made processing, Egri Bikavér specialists.

Bock Borászat Kft.
Bock Borászat Ltd. - "The wine is our passion and we like to share every joy of it." Bock Cellar and Company is well known in Hungary. They are from Villany region, they produce mainly red wine.

Demeter Borászat Ltd. - This innovative winery produces traditional wine in Eger region. Their innovation was created for wine packaging and wine marketing.

EUTRON Hungária Kft.
Eutron Hungária Ltd.

e-volreve Kft.
E-volreve Ltd. is a privately owned consulting company active in both business and public administration. As an interdisciplinary specialist, it primarily aims to solve problems where the challenge involves creating synergy between representatives of independent sectors. „My specialty is being right when other people are wrong, if you agreed with me I should be of no use here." /GB Shaw/

Gere Tamás Pincészet Ltd. - Family owned bigger winery in Villány, with wine touristic capacity. They will be active in the cluster EU-Xperience project.

InWest-China Kft.
InWest-China Kft. is a unique Hungarian consulting company that specializes primarily in one of the West China regions with the greatest development potential. They carry out their professional activities in accordance with the Hungarian "Oriental Opening" and the Chinese "One Zone One Way" strategies. Focusing on the West China region, they help and provide Hungarian companies information and advice for the development of Chinese business through their diversified network of contacts; they map, assess and organize the appearance of Hungarian products and innovations in China. Within the framework of their advisory services, they help Chinese companies and investors wishing to expand into Hungary to find their way in the Hungarian market, to find the most suitable investment and tender opportunities for them, as well as partners and companies suitable for cooperation in higher education institutions.

Kaposvári Egyetem
Kaposvár University is one of the largest universities in the Southern Transdanubian region of Hungary. Its establishment made Kaposvár the ninth university town in the country. Kaposvár University was founded by the Hungarian Parliament on 1st January 2000 when operating faculties and colleges were integrated in Kaposvár. Currently, education and research activities are carried out in four faculties: (Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Economic Science, Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Arts) and in five partner institutes: the Health Center, the PET Center, the Pannon Equestrian Academy, the Feed Crops Research Institute, and the Bőszénfa Game Management and Landscape Center, where the scientific work is supported by the most modern equipment

Modus Kft.
Modus Számítástechnikai Kft. - family owned software developer company.

Neting Kft. - Succesful e-learning company. Game based learning portal was developed by them. They are enthusiastic to work in cluster EU-Xperience work and study project.

Pharmagene-Farm Kft.
Pharma-Gene Farm Kft. - reproduction biology, R&D company

Qsystem Informatikai Kft.
Qsystem Kft. - family owned software developer company.

Sárkány Informatikai Zrt.
Sárkány Zrt. - 25 years on the IT market, 15 years WITH Chinese partners, 10 years in innovation management, 7 years as a leader for Smart Region Innovation Cluster.