Our Projects

1. SmartWine - pilot for export wine online selling and smart packaging

The aim of the project is to create an innovative application for premium wines (Smart Wine App System), with the help of FIWARE and FIspace technologies, which enhance the product information and strengthen the connection between the consumers and producers.

Main advantages for the consumers, that it ensures authentic information about wines, about its production, healthcare information, how to serve-recipes, ideas, how to drink or store it, can give appreciates, reviews, can participate in promotions, play games, can be in direct contacts with the producers, order additional wines.

Main advantages for the producers, that they get huge amount of information about their consumers habits, opinions regarding to their products, as they can be in direct contact with them. Information from consumers will help to determine marketing strategy, new promotions, increasing the productivity, sales, can help penetrating new markets.

For project development and testing, we selected one of the oldest and most famous wine region in Hungary, Eger. We are already in contact with several wine producers, who interested in participating in this system. Our measured market signals showed:

• an increasing demand for ensured and credible product information directly from the producers;
• a difficulty to display every necessary and relevant information on the traditional labels;
• a fast growing smart phone penetration among premium wine consumers;


How does the Smart Wine App system works?

Producers upload their product information into a standardised database. The system will generate a unique identification number, which will be encoded into NFC tags or QR codes, then, these will be put onto the wines.
The consumers can download our Smart Wine App from the android, iOS, windows markets, and by scanning the NFC tags / QR codes, they can obtain all the information, that the producer previously uploaded.


2. Eu-Xperience - work and study programmes at innovator, R&D companies.

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